🎧 A Conversation With Jonny Greenwood, On Chaos And The Element Of Surprise (All Songs Considered)

Listened A Conversation With Jonny Greenwood, On Chaos And The Element Of Surprise

On this edition of All Songs Considered, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood joins us to talk about two of his classical compositions we’ve just premiered on our Tiny Desk series. He also shares some of the music that’s inspired him over the years by other artists and explains how he came to love such a rich and diverse tapestry of sounds.

In a conversation with Bob Boilen and Tom Huizenga, Jonny Greenwood discusses two classical compositions premiered on Tiny Desk.

Greenwood discusses growing with twenty records obsessively, including New Order. This gave him a deep appreciation of music and listening. In regards to classical music, he discusses the inspiration of Messiaen and Bach. Associated with this was an initial love of the recorder.

Greenwood compares comping with an actor reading a film script. Some things cannot be written.

Another influence has been Krzysztof Penderecki. This came from his short stint studied music at university.

Talking about these influences, Greenwood makes reference to the idea that to steal from one is theft, steal from two and it is inspiration.

Discussing Penderecki and electronic music, Greenwood talks about how once you change something, it has an impact and you cannot go back.

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