Bookmarked Living In A Post Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram API World (
Kin Lane discusses the current move to lock down social media APIs. He suggests that this could all have been avoided by having clearer guidelines in the beginning. Here I am reminded of Bill Fitzgerald and Kris Shaffer’s discussion of bots.
Bookmarked It’s time to break up Facebook by Nilay Patel (The Verge)
"Start by breaking off WhatsApp and Instagram."
Nilay Patel explores the idea of reimagining anti-trust laws. At the moment there is too much grey for lawyers to argue about in regards to changes in price. Tim Wu and Hal Singer suggest that we need to think of anti-trust from the perspective of competition, not just cost. This is something that has been said about Google as much as Facebook. Cory Doctorow has also written about the problems big tech.
Liked A Roll-Up of Digipo Resources (4 September 2018) (Hapgood)
One of the nice things about running a blog-fueled grassroots semi-funded initiative is the agility. The Digipo project has moved far and fast in the past year. But one of the bad things is all the old blogposts a just a snapshot in time, and often out of date.
Another interesting take on Mike Caulfield’s current work is his post ‘The Fast and Frugal Needs of the Online Reader‘.
Replied to Issue [#315]: Minimalism FTW (Doug Belshaw's Thought Shrapnel)
Now then, here's an experiment. After gaining some feedback from some of you in response to last week's newsletter, I've stripped this week's issue down to its bare essentials.
I am not against the minimalist newsletter. I would just prefer a single sentence summary associated with each post? That is my only frustration with Adam Proctor’s newsletter too.