💬 Working through displaying Webmentions

Replied to Working through displaying Webmentions by Jeremy Felt (jeremyfelt.com)

I created a plugin specifically for my adjustments to the IndieWebWebmention, and Semantic Linkbacks plugins. There are a couple scripts and styles I decided I didn’t need as well as a custom comment walker I decided to remove.

I am really enjoying your working out loud Jeremy. It has me thinking about what some of the changes I could make to my site. In particular, I would rather show the name of the post for a mention, rather than which site the post in question was mentioned on.

👍 WordPress Webmentions Plugin Version 4.0.0 Released

Liked WordPress Webmentions Plugin Version 4.0.0 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (david.shanske.com)

It has been a long while since a major release of webmentions, and it is not the end of the plans we have. It is merely the first step. In the lastest version, several useful features were added.

👍 A Followers Page on My Personal Website using Webmention

Liked A Followers Page on My Personal Website using Webmention by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

To my knowledge, I may be the first person to be displaying “following” webmentions anywhere. The nice part is that this following webmention functionality is built into the Post Kinds plugin by default, so that if people begin creating follow posts on a more regular basis, then several hundred WordPress sites that have Post Kinds will automatically be able to display them.

📑 The only thing better than A WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference on Twitter would be A WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference using WordPress itself

Bookmarked Webmentions with WordPress for Open Pedagogy by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

Abstract: With growing support for the W3C Webmention spec, teachers can post assignments on their own websites & students can use their sites to respond and interact. Entire classes can have open discussions from site-to-site owning all their data and eschewing corporate surveillance capitalism.
Missed my presentation for PressEdConf20 on Twitter earlier and want to read it all bundled up instead? The “article” version appears blow. You can also enjoy the Twitter moment version if you like.

Chris Aldrich provides a series of posts explaining how the PressEdConf, which focuses on WordPress, could be run using WordPress. Aldrich also documented the process he used to deliver the presentation for #PressEdConf20.

💬 Hidden in the Code

Replied to Hidden in the Code by Aaron DavisAaron Davis (readwriterespond.com)

This is a collection of code that I often turn to when working with WordPress

Chris Aldrich shares a number of codes, including properties supported by microsub servers: The WordPress Micropub server supports experimental properties so you can add &post-status=draft to your IFTTT webhook-based recipes for Micropub PESOS syndication. And the ability to save a Tweet to Internet Archive: If you want to Internet Archive a tweet, copy the long…

💬 State of the Indieweb in WordPress

Replied to State of the Indieweb in WordPress by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (david.shanske.com)

As we move into the end of the first month of 2019, here is what I personally am hoping to see.

  • The release of Yarns Microsub
  • At least one of the two theme conversions I worked on being released in the WordPress Theme Directory, giving us another option for individuals who better integration
  • Redesign, improvement, and enhancement of the Facepiles in Semantic Linkbacks.
  • Look at the future of Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks. Every year, there is talk of why they aren’t merged. This is partly to do with the storage design. It may be time to standardize the storage.
  • Improve MF2 Feed to generate a compliant feed for times when the theme cannot be modified to encourage more interaction

I look forward to the changes, especially in regards to new themes and facepiles. I am interested in your work associated with Independent Publisher.

💬 Syndication Links 4.0.0 Released

Replied to Syndication Links 4.0.0 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (david.shanske.com)

As promised previously, I’ve built new syndication code and added supported for Bridgy and Indienews, which both uses Webmentions to trigger a syndication action. This is disabled by default.

Well done with all your work getting this done. I look forward to using it. Thank you.

👍 Teaching with Full #IndieWeb

Liked INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (jgregorymcverry.com)

#EDU522 is the first time I am using the full #IndieWeb WordPress suite with students..Going very well…Even got badges to work as webmentions too bad it it a three week class…that causes stress…takes about three weeks just to get comfortable. https://edu522.networkedlearningcollaborative.com

📺 Setting up WordPress for IndieWeb use

Replied to Setting up WordPress for IndieWeb use by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

This was a really helpful walk-through Chris. I agree with your point in the IndieWeb podcast that it could be compressed into half an hour, but I always thought that was the point of adjusting the playback speeds? I just had a few thoughts / questions while watching / listening: I never realised that I…