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Replied to 8 key pieces of research for teachersย – Issue 141 – Dialogic Learning Weekly

This article by Ryan Holiday takes a radical look at changing our phone habits – just one of many technology-centric rituals we need to keep in check.

You want to use it. Just grab it and alleviate the boredom or discomfort. Might as well check the headlines instead of struggling to type words on a blank screen. And why stay in this tense argument with your spouse when you can see whatโ€™s new on Instagram? โ€œHey, sorry buddy, I canโ€™t play dinosaurs right now โ€” I have to answer this email.โ€

A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone – When I used these strategies, I finally took back my life by Ryan Holiday.

What did you think of Ryan’s suggested strategies? Have you tried any? What have been the results?

I found Ryan Holiday’s list interesting. For example, I scrapped alerts long ago, yet I have found myself subsequently checking for updates. I think the benefit is that this is at least on my terms. These posts are a useful provocation to at least stop and reflect.

I was intrigued by another post recently discussing the humane technology movement and the point that although they are pushing against platform capitalism, they are still very much in favour of the templated self.

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