๐Ÿ’ฌ 7 Ideas To Find Inspiration For New Blog Posts

Replied to 7 Ideas To Find Inspiration For New Blog Posts by Kathleen Morris (The Edublogger)

There are two types of bloggers.

One has a never-ending list of blog post ideas but just canโ€™t find the time to write them all. The other wants to write more blog posts but is stuck for ideas.

Which type of blogger are you?

If youโ€™re the latter, youโ€™re in luck. This post offers you 7 ideas to help you find inspiration for your future blog posts.

These ideas apply to both student and teacher bloggers.

This is a good collection of ideas Kathleen. One thing that I do not see discussed a lot is post formats and the possibilities that this can provide in regards to collecting and curating ideas? Personally, I use post kinds, which is a different flavour, but achieves a similar outcome.

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