๐ŸŽง 30 years of The Music Show

Listened 30 years of The Music Show from ABC Radio National

Saturday 13th February. Yoiks and yodels, plainchant, punk, serialism and salsa; if it’s music, we’ve got it covered for The Music Show’s 30th birthday bash.

Guests appearing in this program:
Clarence (Frogman) Henry (2001)
Betty Carter (1995)
รnde Somby (2017)
Boy George (1995)
Wayne Shorter 2016)
Blossom Dearie (1995)
William Barton (2003)
Yehudi Menuhin (1998)
Tom Jones (1995)
Angรฉlique Kidjo (2000)
Mary Wilson (2015)
Chick Corea (2014)
Chad Morgan (1995)
Randy Newman (2011)
Wu Man (2014)
Julie Andrews (1991)
Victoria de los รngeles (1995)
John Cleese and Eric Idle (2016)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (2003)
Tom Jones (1995)

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