๐Ÿ“‘ Spotify Mood Music Patent


The danger of mood-based recommendations is the subjective judgement that needs to be made – do you suggest songs that allow a user to revel in that mood, or do you suggest songs that try to shift a userโ€™s mood? YouTubeโ€™s recommended videos have often been criticised for leading people down topical rabbit holes that are difficult to escape from. For instance, maybe you wanted to see that video of Ben Shapiro owning a liberal snowflake, but 2 months on, youโ€™re now being presented videos on the latest Q-Anon conspiracy. The parallel when it comes to mood may be youโ€™re feeling depressed, Spotify recommending โ€œsad boi / sad girlโ€™ songs, and making it harder for you to escape that mood.

On Spotify’s patent for mood-based recommendations based on wearable data.

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