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If you’re a blog author and you’re adding any significant commentary, the RSS feed should point back to your site.
If you’re an RSS client developer, the difference between link posts and full posts should be exposed in the UI.

I find it interesting to read about the ‘evolution’ as I am not sure I ever considered either of these scenarios. I started by experimenting with post formats and then post kinds. It makes me wonder how deliberate some of these developments are?
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An important piece to owning your content is also having a direct connection to people who want to hear from you. Although it is the oldest publishing platform on the internet, email is unquestionably reliable, you can take your list with you, and it is decentralized and untainted by algorithms and companies with hidden agendas. A newsletter is the single greatest asset you can build for yourself that pushes you to commit to the long-haul.

Truth is, it’s harder to get popular on social media than it is to grow a newsletter list of humans that are eager to receive your messages. You’ll scream so much on social media you’ll end up losing your voice, whereas with newsletters, you have to be thoughtful, clear, and useful. Aren’t all of those skills worth nurturing?

Although there is some great content shared in regards to newsletters and elsewhere in regards to curating an about me page, the idea of using a site to promote owning your content seems a little ironic to me.
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I think a podcast is a great idea. The only negative is the inability to include wider voices, but you could provide listeners a space to share Q’s and/or feedback. I like how Seth Godin does this.
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I’ve found a few instances in which will apparently fail to send a webmention (and/or fail to find a target) when the original URL contains an emoji(s). I’d suspect it’s a quirky encoding issue of some sort. I’m sure I’ve seen this issue before on Instagram where it’s probably more likely as the result of emojis in Instagram “titles” when using PESOS methods. When I subsequently remove the emoji from the permalink, and reprocess Bridgy then has no problem finding the URL and sending the webmention. So at least there’s a “fix” on the user’s side for those experiencing this issue, but only if they’re aware it exists and have the means of executing it. Example of failed webmention: (I’ll note that it’s also got a fragment # in the URL, but don’t think this is a part of the issue) Original: F0%9F%93%85-virtual-homebrew-website-club-meetup-on-may-15-2019/?replytocom=262215#respond Syndicated copy that was liked:

This issue with webmentions and emojis is the reason when I manually set each slug, because what I was finding was that my posts were not pinging. However, when I used the permalink then it worked. For example:

Rather than:

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Many writers have highlighted the power of the global digital tribe, particularly the way groups tend to solve problems more effectively than individual experts (Surowiecki, 2009). We read of how groups can self-organise and co-ordinate their actions in connected global environments (Shirky, 2008) and that there seems to be no limit what a tribe can do when it is given the appropriate tools (Godin, 2008). Mobile and personal technologies that are connected to global networks have afforded us with the priceless ability to collaborate and cooperate in new and inventive ways (Rheingold, 2002), and allow us to rapidly self organise into new collective forces (Tapscott and Williams, 2008). Connected technology not only gives us access to existing knowledge, it encourages and enables us to create new knowledge and share it widely to a global audience.

I am enjoying this series Steve. A book that has influenced my thinking on the topic has been Teaching Crowds by Jon Dron and Terry Anderson.

One thing that I am left wondering is how the benefits and affordances change and develop over time? I was left thinking about this while reading Clive Thompson’s new book Coders compared with his last book Smarter Than You Think.

Listened An IndieWeb Podcast: Episode 14 A loose collective of developers and techno-utopians from BoffoSocko

Running time: 1h 19m 57s | Download (37.5MB) | Subscribe by RSS | Huffduff

Summary: Our first episode since January. David Shanske and Chris Aldrich get caught up on some recent IndieWebCamps, an article about IndieWeb in The New Yorker, changes within WordPress, and upcoming events.

Recorded: May 19, 2019

Replied to More than 40 dead sawfish on Gina Rinehart’s cattle station fuels concern about water plan – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) by Claire Moodie (ABC News)

The proposal has come as a surprise to native title holders along the river who have been negotiating with the WA Government and major players in the cattle industry over a promised national park for the area.

Chair of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council, Anne Poelina, said from the traditional owners’ point of view the water from the Fitzroy was not being wasted.

“When we move through the landscape, what we see is that the water is already being used,” Dr Poelina said.

“One of the things we are concerned about is the cumulative impacts of development.

This thought of taking water out of the Fitzroy River system is interesting read alongside the recent feature on Lake Eyre. It makes me wonder if we miss the point in stopping these flooding rains? Although the water may flow out to the ocean, doesn’t it still serve a purpose?
Watched Avengers: Endgame (2019) – IMDb from IMDb

Directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo. With Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth. After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe.

Saw the final instalment of the Avengers series. With Thor’s transformation, I was left feeling hopeful.