💬 2019: arriving at myself

Replied to 2019: arriving at myself (Open Educational Thinkering)

The more anxious we are, the more high-functioning we will make ourselves appear, which just encourages the world to lean on us more.


Thank you Doug for your thoughts and reflections on 2019. I always look up to you in regards to your honesty and openness.

Ultimately, I’ve realised that it’s OK to not be ‘OK’ — and to let other people know. I’ve learned to let go a little and draw more boundaries. It’s alright just to be me, and not some idealised version of me that either younger Doug, or the wider world, expects.

I also like your point about being inconsistency:

There are no easy answers here and choosing to retreat from the world feels like giving up. So I’ll keep on keeping on, even if it seems like sometimes I’m inconsistent. What was it that Emerson said about a “foolish consistency being the hobgoblin of little minds”? (and I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that “consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative”)

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