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β€œSocial media is in a pre-Newtonian moment, where we all understand that it works, but not how it works,” Mr. Systrom told me, comparing this moment in the tech world to the time before man could explain gravity. β€œThere are certain rules that govern it and we have to make it our priority to understand the rules, or we cannot control it.”
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You have to watch his keynote at the Decentralized Web Summit last month. It’s not only a history lesson and a warning, but he puts in ways that really make you see what the problem is. Inspiring stuff.
I agree Doug about listening to Cory Doctorow speak. Along with Audrey Watters and Douglas Rushkoff, he is one of those authors whose performance really brings new life and urgency to the text.

In regards to forwarding your newsletter on, it is just not something I do. I usually share via social media if I know something might be of interest. Hope that makes sense.

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Today is International Podcast Day, celebrating the power of this powerful, still under-appreciated media art form. For some solid recommendations, check out these lists: Bryan Alexander: Listening to in 2018 && WIRED: 27 of the best podcasts for curious minds in 2018 && Esquire: The 15 Best Podcasts of 2018 (So Far) && Vulture: Best Podcasts of 2018 (So Far). I’d love to hear what you are listening to.
I recently shared my podcast habits when Doug Belshaw shared his OPML file. The podcast that I think many overlook, but is worth a listen, is ABC Future Tense. It always has diverse topics incorporating a wide range of voices.