Replied to OPML files for categories within WordPress’s Links Manager by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)
Last week I wrote about creating my following page and a related OPML file which one could put into a feed reader to subscribe to the list itself instead of importing it. I haven’t heard anyone mention it (yet), but I suspect that like I, some may be disappointed that some feed readers that allow ...
I love discovering simple tricks that WordPress allows you to do simply with the URL. For example, adding ?=random to the end of a WP blog will produce a random post.

Chris Aldrich’s provides another:

So in general, for WordPress sites one can append ?link_cat=[category id] (with or with out the brackets) to the main URL for the OPML file typically found at

When we talk about coding it small tricks like this which excite me because it feels as if they touch on the way that the web works, as much as the outcome at hand.

Having a sense of how coaching is influencing thinking and practice is integral to not just building trust, but also agency. Agency, as Biesta, Priestly and Robinson (2015) state, is not “something that people can have – as a property, capacity or competence, but something that people do.” Agency is not devoid of feedback however, it is an important process that catalyses reflection and seeks to strengthen relations through dialogue and using information. As a core tenet in the coaching creed, feedback from coaches, to coaches can prove an invaluable source of provocation and growth irrespective of whether the dialogue and data reveal affirmation or challenging news.

The chat took place on Monday 6th November at 8.30pm Australian EDT

eLearn Update (October 2017)


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