📑 20 Tech Tips in the Mathematics Classroom

Aimee Shackleton:

20 Tech Tips in the Mathematics Classroom – Teacher Information, Robots and iPad Apps

Desmos – online graphing calculating system www.desmos.com

Desmos provides a range of questions and challenges associated with graphing (see Dan Meyer for more http://blog.mrmeyer.com/)

Graphing Stories – handouts, videos and stories associated with graphs www.graphingstories.com

Which One Doesn’t Belong – find a reason why each one does not belong wodb.ca/index.html

It is not about the answer, but about the discussion. The next step to Which One Doesn’t Belong is getting students to make their own

Maths Tweet Blogosphere exploremtbos.wordpress.com & https://twitter.com/ExploreMTBoS

What Can You Do With That? #WCYDWT https://blog.mrmeyer.com/2010/teaching-wcydwt-introduction/

Visual Patterns http://visualpatterns.org

Between 2 Numbers – If this then what www.between2numbers.com

Three Act Maths by Dan Meyer https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jXSt_CoDzyDFeJimZxnhgwOVsWkTQEsfqouLWNNC6Z4/pub?output=html

101 Questions – pose questions based on a provocation www.101qs.com

Youcubed – a collect of tasks that could be used as starters www.youcubed.org

WolframAlpha – a space to ask computational questions www.wolframalpha.com

EquatIO https://www.texthelp.com/en-au/products/equatio/

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