💬 2 Uncomfortable High School Truths

Replied to 2 Uncomfortable High School Truths (EDUWELLS)

The system is so fixed, most students understand the sort of success they are likely to aim for and achieve before they start based on their home life relative to others around them. Killing time always becomes a priority over using it.  It really is time to align school systems with the increasing control young people have in their personal lives. My question is how long do they have to wait?

This is another great reflection Richard. I was left think recently about home life and the anti-library. Although books around the home may not equal reading, it at least says reading books is a good thing.

In regards to students being glad to waste away time at school – a feeling I have experienced teaching numerous electives in the past. Do you think that it is realistic to believe or hope for an environment where students do not celebrate such waste or is this just a part of being a teenager?

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